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Donald Trump said FBI agents had raided his Mar-a-Lago home and prised open a safe. The raid is reportedly connected to a complaint the National Archives raised earlier this year: that 15 boxes of documents from Mr Trump’s time as president, including classified material, were removed to his estate in Florida. The FBI’s action ramps up the legal pressure on Mr Trump, who is being investigated on several fronts, not least for his part in the insurrection at Capitol Hill on January 6th 2021. Mr Trump blamed “Radical Left Democrats” trying to thwart his next presidential run.

Russia said it would suspend American inspections of its nuclear weapons under the New START treaty, and blamed Western sanctions for making the process too difficult. The treaty is the only remaining nuclear-arms agreement between America and Russia. It limits the number of weapons they can deploy, and allows each country to inspect the other’s arsenal. The treaty expires in 2026, though President Joe Biden wants to negotiate a replacement.

Ukrainian staff at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant are “working under the barrels of Russian guns”, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN’s nuclear watchdog said on Monday. He called for an international mission to the facility, which was reportedly damaged by Russian shelling over the weekend. Meanwhile Ukrainian troops claimed to have retaken the Russian-occupied town of Dovhenke, south of Kharkiv, and were advancing on Izyum, a strategic transport hub in the Donbas region.

Taiwan’s foreign minister warned that China was using military drills around the island “to prepare for the invasion of Taiwan.” Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday Joseph Wu said that regular exercises could be used as an “attempt to wreck the long-term status quo”, but that Taiwan would not be intimidated. On Tuesday Taiwan conducted its own defensive drills.

Seoul was battered by the worst storm to pass through South Korea’s capital in 80 years. At some points, nearly four inches of rain were falling per hour, submerging streetside vehicles, roads and subway lines, and knocking out much of the city’s electricity supply. At least eight citizens died in the chaos.

America’s Federal Aviation Administration said Boeing could soon resume shipments of its 787 Dreamliner jets, nearly two years after deliveries were first halted because of manufacturing flaws. The announcement is welcome news for the firm following a few bumpy years—owing to the grounding of its 737 MAX planes after two fatal crashes, and disruptions to air travel during the pandemic.

To the relief of many, WhatsApp announced that users will soon be able to discreetly leave group chats without notifying most other members. The feature is part of a raft of privacy updates announced by Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, including preventing people from screenshotting certain messages and controlling who sees one’s online status.

Fact of the day: 59%, the share of Kansans who voted to preserve abortion rights in the state. Read the full story.

Will crime hit Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis?

Four states are holding primary elections on Tuesday, ahead of the mid-terms in November. But it is perhaps Minnesota—specifically its fifth congressional district, which includes its biggest city, Minneapolis—which offers the greatest chance for a surprise. That is because of voters worried about crime.

Since the summer of 2020, when George Floyd was murdered by a city police officer, policing has remained a burning issue. But attitudes have changed as crime—particularly shootings and carjacking—has soared nationwide.

Ilhan Omar, a hyper-progressive Democratic congresswoman (and a founding member of “the squad”), may be on the losing side of the shift in attitudes. She has been an enthusiastic proponent of defunding the police, proposing to abolish Minneapolis’s police department. In November voters soundly rejected that idea. And Tuesday’s primary gives them a chance to replace Ms Omar with Don Samuels, a former city-council member who has campaigned heavily on the issue of crime. Ms Omar is still the favourite to win—but an upset is not out of the question.

A new president for Kenya

Kenya has been a multi-party democracy for 30 years. Its record of success as such is patchy. Elections in 2002 were a joyful affair, but a disputed vote in 2007 was followed by ethnic violence. Kenyans trudging to elect their fifth president on Tuesday have a weariness in their step. That has much to do with the unprepossessing candidates.

Raila Odinga, just about the front-runner, came second in the previous three presidential elections he contested. But his alliance with the unpopular outgoing president, Uhuru Kenyatta, tarnished his reputation—and Mr Kenyatta has struggled to persuade his tribe, the Kikuyu, to support Mr Odinga. His main rival is William Ruto, the current deputy president. Jilted by Mr Kenyatta, Mr Ruto and his populist campaign have tapped into Kenyans’ discontent.

Extravagant election promises, such as universal health care, will be difficult to fund and so have met indifference. Many young Kenyans have not even bothered to register to vote. The victor will have to deal with a sullen electorate and a struggling economy. Perhaps Kenya has reached political maturity after all.

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Inflation in emerging markets

Brazil and China are at opposite ends of the famous BRICs acronym, first coined by Goldman Sachs, a bank, to refer to four of the biggest emerging markets. The two giants are also at opposite ends of the global inflation cycle.

Brazil’s central bank was one of the first to react to the danger of rising prices. It began raising interest rates in March 2021 and has battled inflation furiously since. In June the country’s annual inflation rate reached 11.9%. New inflation figures on Tuesday could show signs that price growth is finally peaking.

In China, which is suffering a prolonged property slump and intermittent virus-fighting lockdowns, economic overheating has seemed a distant worry. But new figures on Wednesday could show long dormant inflation beginning to stir, finally threatening the government’s 3% target. When it comes to inflation, these two emerging—yet diverging—economies could finish the year a little closer to each other.

The people choosing Britain’s next prime minister

What is a Tory? Once the question was answered with comic references to pink faces and pinker trousers. The humour has faded. In the past four years, Conservative Party members have twice chosen Britain’s prime minister. After Boris Johnson announced his resignation in July, they are being called upon once again. On Tuesday they will gather in Darlington in north-east England, the latest stop on a tour by Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, the candidates seeking to woo them. By the end of the week members will have received their postal ballots, due back by September 2nd.

No one knows exactly how many Tory party members there are; it is thought to be around 160,000. They are overwhelmingly male, old and white. At hustings they are polite, if prone to the odd harrumph. Some are attracted by the “bonkers” nature of Ms Truss, the foreign secretary and favourite to beat Mr Sunak, the former chancellor. And many do, in fact, wear pink trousers.

Philip Larkin at 100

By the time the poet Philip Larkin died in 1985, his best lines enjoyed wide currency in modern Britain. An elegant and accessible craftsman, bleakly humorous and free of illusions, he seemed perfectly attuned to the details of suburban melancholy. But when his letters were published in 1992, they exposed seams of misogyny, racism and puerility. His reputation wobbled, yet recovered: in 2008 the Times, a British newspaper, hailed him as the greatest British writer since 1945.

As admirers mark the centenary of Larkin’s birth on Tuesday, his faults are again under the microscope. This time they are magnified by academics eager to reshape the literary canon. Traditional types complain that any move to cut him from school poetry anthologies is vandalism. Even his most ardent fans admit that his interests are narrow. But his rueful reflections on boredom and romantic disappointment still prove consoling for some. Despite the controversy, he remains the unofficial laureate of humdrum Englishness.

Daily quiz

Our baristas will serve you a new question each day this week. On Friday your challenge is to give us all five answers and, as important, tell us the connecting theme. Email your responses (and include mention of your home city and country) by 1700 BST on Friday to We’ll pick randomly from those with the right answers and crown one winner per continent on Saturday.

Tuesday: Which Maine-based retailer, founded in 1912, is famous for its outdoor clothing and equipment?

Monday: Who was Richard Nixon’s first attorney-general, who went to prison for his role in the Watergate scandal?

Life is first boredom, then fear.

Philip Larkin

唐纳德-特朗普说,联邦调查局特工突袭了他的马拉戈住宅并撬开了一个保险箱。据报道,这次突袭与国家档案馆今年早些时候提出的一项投诉有关:特朗普先生担任总统期间的15箱文件,包括机密材料,被转移到他在佛罗里达州的庄园。联邦调查局的行动加大了对特朗普先生的法律压力,他正在接受多个方面的调查,尤其是他在2021年1月6日国会山的叛乱中的角色。特朗普先生指责 "激进的左翼民主党人 "试图阻挠他的下一届总统竞选。


乌克兰驻联合国核监督机构大使周一表示,扎波罗热核电站的乌克兰工作人员 "在俄罗斯的枪管下工作"。他呼吁向该设施派遣一个国际代表团,据报道,该设施在周末被俄罗斯的炮击破坏。与此同时,乌克兰军队声称已经夺回了哈尔科夫以南被俄罗斯占领的多温克镇,并正在向顿巴斯地区的战略交通枢纽伊久姆推进。

台湾的外交部长警告说,中国正在利用该岛周围的军事演习 "为入侵台湾做准备"。吴敦义在星期二的新闻发布会上说,定期演习可能被用作 "破坏长期现状的企图",但台湾不会被吓倒。周二,台湾进行了自己的防御性演习。


美国联邦航空管理局表示,波音公司很快就能恢复其787梦想飞机的运输,这是在因制造缺陷而首次停止交付近两年后的事情。在经历了几年的颠簸之后,该公司宣布了一个令人欣喜的消息--由于其737 MAX飞机在两次致命的坠机事故后停飞,以及大流行病期间航空旅行的中断。





自2020年夏天,乔治-弗洛伊德(George Floyd)被一名城市警察谋杀以来,警务工作一直是一个棘手的问题。但随着全国范围内犯罪--特别是枪击和劫车--的飙升,人们的态度已经发生了变化。

伊尔汗-奥马尔(Ilhan Omar)是一位非常进步的民主党女议员(也是 "小队 "的创始成员),她可能在态度转变中处于失败的一方。她一直热衷于支持取消警察的经费,提议废除明尼阿波利斯的警察部门。11月,选民们有力地否决了这个想法。周二的初选让他们有机会用唐-塞缪尔(Don Samuels)取代奥马尔女士,塞缪尔是前市议会议员,在犯罪问题上进行了大量的宣传。奥马尔女士仍然是获胜的热门人选,但也不是不可能出现意外。



拉伊拉-奥廷加(Raila Odinga)几乎是领跑者,在他参加的前三次总统选举中名列第二。但他与不受欢迎的离任总统乌胡鲁-肯雅塔的联盟损害了他的声誉--肯雅塔先生一直在努力说服他的部落基库尤人支持奥廷加先生。他的主要竞争对手是现任副总统威廉-鲁托。被肯雅塔先生抛弃后,鲁托先生和他的民粹主义竞选活动挖掘了肯尼亚人的不满情绪。




巴西和中国处于著名的 "金砖四国 "缩写的两端,该缩写是由高盛(Goldman Sachs)银行首先创造的,用来指代四个最大的新兴市场。这两个巨头也处于全球通胀周期的两端。




什么是托利党?曾经有人用粉红色的脸和粉红色的裤子来回答这个问题。这种幽默感已经消失了。在过去的四年里,保守党成员两次选择了英国的首相。在鲍里斯-约翰逊(Boris Johnson)于7月宣布辞职后,他们又一次被召唤出来。本周二,他们将聚集在英格兰东北部的达林顿,这是试图争取他们的候选人利兹-特拉斯和瑞希-苏纳克巡回演讲的最新一站。到本周末,会员们将收到他们的邮寄选票,应在9月2日前收回。

没有人知道到底有多少保守党党员;据认为大约有16万名。他们绝大多数是男性、老年人和白人。在竞选会上,他们很有礼貌,尽管容易发出奇怪的笑声。一些人被外交部长特拉斯女士的 "疯狂 "所吸引,她是击败前总理苏纳克的热门人选。而事实上,许多人确实穿着粉红色的裤子。









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