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America’s Supreme Court limited the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon emissions by power plants, complicating government efforts to mitigate climate change. In a separate case the court held that the Biden administration could reverse a Trump-era policy requiring asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated. The rulings cap a controversial term in which the court’s conservative majority eliminated the right to abortion, loosened gun laws and eroded the separation between church and state.

Israel’s parliament voted by 92-0 to dissolve itself, triggering a new election​​ to be held on November 1st. It will be the country’s fifth in under four years. On Friday Israel’s prime minister, Naftali Bennett, will be replaced by Yair Lapid, now foreign minister, who will run a caretaker government until the election. Before the vote Mr Bennett, who was in charge for just a year, said he would not run again for a seat in the Knesset. The jostling makes possible a comeback by Binyamin Netanyahu, a former prime minister.

China’s president, Xi Jinping, arrived in Hong Kong for events celebrating the 25th anniversary of the territory’s handover from British to Chinese rule. In preparation for the anniversary, on July 1st, many of the city’s streets and buildings have been adorned with red Chinese flags. It is Mr Xi’s first trip outside of mainland China since the pandemic began, and his first visit to Hong Kong since 2017.

America promised to deploy more troops, warplanes and warships to Europe as part of NATO’s “fundamental shift” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. During a summit in Madrid the alliance agreed to fortify its eastern flank, declaring Russia to be its “most significant and direct threat”. President Joe Biden also backed the sale of American-made F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, a day after the country dropped its opposition to NATO membership for Finland and Sweden.

Russian forces withdrew from Snake Island, a tiny but strategically important chunk of Ukrainian territory in the Black Sea. Russia called the move a “gesture of goodwill” to show that it is not blocking food exports by sea from Ukraine. But Ukraine claims it forced the occupiers into a hasty retreat, having in recent days intensified its efforts to remove them.

The committee investigating the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6th 2021 subpoenaed Donald Trump’s White House counsel. Pat Cipollone will be asked to testify about the former president’s role in the riot but also about his various schemes to try to overturn the 2020 election which, as a member of the Trump administration in its final months, Mr Cipollone was privy to.

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos was sworn in as the president of the Philippines in Manila. Sara Duterte, the daughter of Rodrigo Duterte, the outgoing president, was sworn in as vice-president. In his inaugural speech, Mr Marcos—whose father once ruled in a violent and corrupt dictatorship—said: “I am here not to talk about the past. I am here to tell you about our future.”

Fact of the day: 651, the number of people who died trying to cross America’s border with Mexico in 2021. Read the full article.

Indonesia’s president goes to Moscow

In the past four months a steady stream of national leaders have met their warring counterparts in Russia and Ukraine. Up next is Joko Widodo, the Indonesian president. After visiting Volodomyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, on Wednesday, Jokowi, as he is known, will meet Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

Jokowi is the first South-East Asian leader to visit both countries since Russia’s invasion. He has described his “mission” as trying to prevent a looming food crisis that risks casting poor countries, which rely on grain imports from Russia and Ukraine, “into the abyss of extreme poverty and hunger”. He is unlikely to succeed. But as president of this year’s G20 meeting, in November, he has invited both Mr Zelensky and Mr Putin to attend, even though Ukraine (unlike Russia) is not a member. If they do, it will be quite an achievement. And if he can position Indonesia as a world power capable of mediating conflict, all the better.

Joe Biden considers offshore oil and gas

With petrol prices in America at record levels and inflation at a 40-year high, President Joe Biden is under pressure to act. His administration’s five-year plan for offshore oil and natural-gas development, a draft of which is due on Thursday, could offer some ideas of how it intends to deal with the energy crisis.

Republicans (and the occasional fossil-fuel-friendly Democrat) have criticised Mr Biden’s administration for hesitating to open new offshore sites for extraction. More supply, they contend, will help bring prices down. But environmentalists believe cutting the supply of fossil fuels is necessary to pivot America toward greener energy. Complicating matters further, when Mr Biden was running for office, he pledged to ban new drilling in federal waters.

Still, whatever Mr Biden’s plans, no additional fuel can arrive quickly enough to alleviate America’s current energy woes. Until a final oil-and-gas plan is approved later this year, leases on new sites cannot be auctioned to companies. And those leases anyway take years to bring supplies to market. Americans will be stuck with wallet-guzzling petrol prices for a while yet.

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The Marcos family return to the Philippine presidency

On Thursday Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos was sworn in as president of the Philippines, taking over from Rodrigo Duterte. Among the onlookers at the inauguration was Imelda Marcos, mother of the new president and widow of the first Ferdinand Marcos to hold that position.

The regime of the elder Marcos terrorised its opponents and looted the economy, before a popular uprising restored democracy in 1986. Glossing over this stain on his family’s name, the younger Mr Marcos won the presidential election in May despite offering Filipinos few details on how he planned to govern.

The rehabilitation of the Marcos dynasty has both practical and symbolic meaning. The popularly despised Mrs Marcos, who turns 93 on Saturday, is free on bail while she appeals against her conviction for graft in 2018, part of a $200m corruption case stemming from her husband’s two decades in office. Once in office, her son could pardon her.

The plane in Spain stays mainly on the ground

On Thursday Ryanair cabin crew in Spain begin a three-day strike, shortly after similar action in several other European countries. Though the airline claims the first strikes caused little disruption, this one coincides with a stoppage by employees at EasyJet, also in Spain. Meanwhile, staff at British Airways and Scandinavian Airlines have threatened a walkout, other airlines and airports are battling through fractious pay talks, and some air-traffic controllers may also down tools.

Pent-up demand from flyers in Europe and America had already outpaced the ability of airlines and airports to re-employ staff laid off during the pandemic. A lack of workers has led to cancellations on both continents, as well as long queues in peak travel times. The July 4th holiday weekend in America will prove another test for airlines, airports and passengers. Add in the strikes, and it all makes for a gloomy summer in the departure lounge.

A simpler alternative to IVF?

In-vitro fertilisation, the process by which an embryo is created artificially and inserted into a uterus, is marvellous. But it involves serious medical intervention, costs a lot of money and often fails. According to new research by Lindsay Machan of the University of British Columbia, there may be a simpler alternative.

When infertility is caused by a blockage of the Fallopian tubes, one option is to try unblocking them with a fine wire. This process, called recanalisation, is not new. But Dr Machan thinks it is underused.

Between 2015 and 2021 Dr Machan’s team examined 725 women who had at least one blocked Fallopian tube. The doctors were able to reopen a clogged tube in 539 of them by using recanalisation. Dr Machan did not look into how likely these women would subsequently be to conceive without IVF. But with about 2.5m cycles of the treatment performed each year, somebody should.

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Thursday: Which British newspaper was founded as the Daily Universal Register in 1785?
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Why didn’t an epic poet ever write a word about our lives?

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以色列议会以92比0的投票结果解散了自己,引发了将于11月1日举行的新选举。这将是该国在四年内的第五次选举。周五,以色列总理纳夫塔利-贝内特(Naftali Bennett)将被现任外交部长亚伊尔-拉皮德(Yair Lapid)取代,后者将在选举前管理一个看守政府。在投票前,执政仅一年的贝内特先生表示,他不会再竞选以色列议会的席位。这种争夺使得前总理本雅明-内塔尼亚胡有可能卷土重来。


美国承诺向欧洲部署更多部队、战机和军舰,作为俄罗斯入侵乌克兰后北约 "基本转变 "的一部分。在马德里的一次峰会上,该联盟同意加固其东翼,宣布俄罗斯是其 "最重要和最直接的威胁"。乔-拜登总统还支持向土耳其出售美制F-16战斗机,此前一天该国放弃了对芬兰和瑞典加入北约的反对。

俄罗斯军队撤出了蛇岛,这是乌克兰在黑海的一块很小但具有战略意义的领土。俄罗斯称此举是一种 "善意的姿态",以表明它并没有阻止乌克兰的海上粮食出口。但乌克兰声称,它迫使占领者匆忙撤退,最近几天,它加强了清除占领者的努力。





在过去四个月中,源源不断的国家领导人在俄罗斯和乌克兰会见了他们交战的同行。接下来是印度尼西亚总统佐科-维多多。在周三访问了乌克兰总统沃洛多米尔-泽伦斯基(Volodomyr Zelensky)之后,佐科维(Jokowi),正如他所知道的那样,将在周四会见普京。

约科威是俄罗斯入侵以来第一位访问这两个国家的东南亚领导人。他将自己的 "使命 "描述为努力防止一场迫在眉睫的粮食危机,这场危机有可能使依赖从俄罗斯和乌克兰进口粮食的贫穷国家 "陷入极端贫困和饥饿的深渊"。他不太可能成功。但作为今年11月G20会议的主席,他已经邀请泽伦斯基先生和普京先生出席,尽管乌克兰(与俄罗斯不同)不是成员。如果他们出席,这将是一个相当大的成就。如果他能将印度尼西亚定位为一个能够调解冲突的世界大国,那就更好了。














体外受精,即通过人工创造胚胎并将其植入子宫的过程,是非常了不起的。但它涉及严重的医疗干预,花费大量资金,而且经常失败。根据不列颠哥伦比亚大学林赛-马尚(Lindsay Machan)的新研究,可能有一个更简单的替代方法。

当不孕不育是由输卵管堵塞造成的,一种选择是尝试用一根细线疏通它们。这个过程被称为 "再通",并不新鲜。但Machan博士认为它没有得到充分利用。






Omprakash Valmiki
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