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Kennedy Scholars 2015
Zena-AghaZena Agha  22

Harvard GSAS AM Regional Studies - Middle East

Zena Agha is a final year history and politics student at Warwick University. At 16, she was elected deputy member of youth parliament for her borough, and at 17 was the youngest ever member of Operation Black Vote's MP shadowing scheme, working under the mentorship of the Rt Hon Fiona MacTaggart, MP for Slough.  At university, Zena turned her attention to writing spoken word poetry. She is founder and coordinator of Warwick’s largest poetry collective, Shoot from the Lip, which runs poetry slams and workshops for young people around the country. In 2013, Zena worked with Operation Black Vote to produce and direct a series of spoken word short films and interviews called ‘The Power of Poetry'. Identity is the over-riding theme of her writing. Zena has done freelance work at The Economist and has been published in The Independent, with other media credits including BBC Arabic, BBC Scotland, Russia Today and the BBC World Service.  She is of Iraqi-Palestinian heritage and is fascinated by the Middle East, its diaspora and its relationship with the West. After studying International Relations at Sciences Po, Paris, during her year abroad, she worked as a translator at the Iraqi embassy in France and interned with the Palestinian delegation at UNESCO. In addition to working at 'Al Quds' newspaper, Zena is co-founder of the website Infita7 ("Openness” in Arabic) which explores the Middle East's complexities through a variety of lenses in English, Arabic and French. Zena seeks to preserve and cultivate an awareness of Arab identity and life in the diaspora and she welcomes the breadth of the Harvard AM.

Elizabeth-AndersonDr Elizabeth Fitchett (nee Anderson)  26

Harvard School of Public Health MPH

Global Public health has been a theme throughout Elizabeth’s training, along with her interest in the power of data to change policy.  Wishing to foster debate around global health, health systems and inequities in access to care she founded Medsin-Cardiff whilst completing her medical degree at Cardiff University.  She took an intercalated BSc in global health at Imperial College London, conducting her dissertation research in Uganda on non-specific immunological effects of the BCG vaccine, and learning the value of global partnerships that both build long-term capacity and address local health challenges.  She was also a support worker for the Doctors of the World London Clinic, advocating for vulnerable migrants who were unable to access healthcare.  She co-chaired EuWHO2012 where 200 students from 50 countries wrote a resolution on reproductive health. Elizabeth produced a short film documenting the event and sharing the final summary, published by the Lancet.  Having secured an Academic Foundation post, Elizabeth has spent a year working in Newham encountering health issues consequent upon high rates of unemployment, child poverty and overcrowded living.  At Newham, she implemented the IHI Ask One Question initiative, encouraging medical students to ask patients about the one thing which would improve their stay.  She is a visiting research fellow at LSHTM, coordinating an international project to write new guidance for reporting neonatal infection data in published research. Work in India, Uganda and Nepal as well as in the UK has fuelled Elizabeth’s desire to improve the collection and use of data in the field, whether for research, healthcare provision or advocacy.  She therefore welcomes the strong foundation she will gain from the Quantitative Concentration of the Harvard Masters in Public Health.

Jonathan-ClarkeDr Jonathan Clarke 28

Harvard School of Public Health MPH

Jonathan, who is the first in his family to go to university, has a long-term interest in population health and epidemiological methods.  As a medical student at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, he researched the role of health data to track equitable access to new cancer treatments with the Cambridge Institute of Public Health; later, as an Academic Foundation doctor at Imperial College London, he investigated the efficiency of screening programmes for bowel cancer at a population level.  He has also been involved in the establishing of national standards for the recording and utilisation of national healthcare data.  This resulted in his being the only junior doctor selected as a panel speaker at an international conference in 2013.  Currently an Academic Clinical Fellow in General Surgery, he is particularly researching care of cancer patients before their diagnosis and seeking to understand factors which cause a delay in diagnosis.  Through his work Jonathan seeks to understand how the quality and efficiency of surgery and cancer care can be improved at a national level using routinely collected healthcare data. Jonathan is an active and enthusiastic clinical teacher.  He has published a number of peer-reviewed articles and has presented his work nationally and internationally. He welcomes the opportunity to understand how population health challenges are overcome in the USA and incorporate that perspective into the doctoral studies he will begin on his return to Imperial.

Hester-van-HensbergenHester van Hensbergen  21

Harvard GSAS Special Student

Hester has been studying History at King’s College, Cambridge where she has specialised in the history of political thought.  She is uncertain whether to seek an academic or a diplomatic career and welcomes the breadth offered by a year as a Special Student. In particular, she hopes to explore and integrate her two interests in intellectual history and the politics of the contemporary Middle East, recognising America as a pivotal influence in both.  She first went to Egypt in 2012, following the Port Said football massacre, where she worked with the aid section of the Spanish Embassy. The focus on female empowerment in the NGOs with which she worked sparked her wider interest in Egyptian political life, and she returned again to Cairo in 2013 to shadow Guardian correspondent Patrick Kingsley. Hester is eager to further her study of the Arabic language at Harvard, and also to develop the critical languages provided by the social sciences faculties.

Rachel-JonesRachel Jones  26

Harvard Law School LLM

Rachel has three aims in pursuing the LLM at Harvard: to broaden her knowledge of the Law and other disciplines (particularly philosophy, science and history), to immerse herself in a legal culture that is both foreign and familiar and to prepare herself for her future career.  After graduating with a top First in Law with French Law from Balliol College,Oxford, Rachel took an LLM at the LSE particularly to study human rights to accompany her knowledge of public and international law.  Here she finished top in her year.  She trained as a barrister and is currently working as a researcher for Lords Reed and Carnwath as a Judicial Assistant at the UK Supreme Court where she finds comparisons with other common law systems are often required.  This has deepened her desire to take a further LLM in order to understand the finer details of the USA’s legal doctrine and culture.

Ben_Leibowitz_2Ben Leibowitz  22

Harvard GSAS AM Regional Studies - Middle East

Completing his undergraduate degree in History at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Ben has been increasingly drawn to the study of the political and intellectual history of the modern Middle Eastern. With a background in British and European history, Ben is particularly interested in ‘Western’ perceptions of, and interactions with, the Arab world, with recent research projects including a study of the relationship between Victorian Britain and the Ottoman Empire, and ongoing work exploring the mobilisation of Arab-American intellectuals in the wake of the 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict. His engagement with the Middle East is a confluence of academic intrigue and deep personal and political passion. Having lived on Kibbutz Lotan in Israel for a number of months, since his return Ben has become increasingly involved in the Anglo-Jewish community - as a youth leader and as a student director for the pro-peace charity Yachad, acting most recently as co-founder and spokesperson for the related Sign on the Green Line campaign. Ben is enormously excited to study Arabic; to become part of a department as dynamic and vibrant as Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies; and to live in Boston, where he hopes to pursue and further cultivate his love of tennis, travel, folk music and food.

Tom-O-BryanTom O'Bryan 24

Harvard Kennedy School MPP

Tom has a vision to transform policy-making in conflict zones, empowering local entrepreneurs and catalysing sustainable local industries. He recently returned from a two-year deployment to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he worked as an advisor to Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck’s non-profit, the Eastern Congo Initiative. Having previously served as an economic policy advisor in post-Revolution Tunisia, Tom went on to analyse UN human rights monitoring issues in Western Sahara. He spent a year in Washington, D.C. engaged in American politics, has worked in the Foreign Policy Unit of the Liberal Democrats’ London HQ, and has analysed issues of conflict resolution for CNN, the BBC, The Guardian and The Independent. With a First Class Honours degree in International Relations and Dean of School Commendation from the University of Exeter, he studied abroad in China and India and received scholarships from the UK Houses of Parliament and UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Tom is a Junior Fellow of the International Studies Association, with Palgrave Macmillan publishing his book chapter comparing Western responses to popular uprisings in the Middle East. Tom grew up in Bath, is a lifelong supporter of Arsenal Football Club, and speaks fluent French.

Nyasha-Weinberg-2Nyasha Weinberg 25

Harvard Kennedy School MPP

Nyasha read Human Sciences at St John’s College, Oxford graduating top of her year. She picked up passable Bengali (on a gap year in Kolkata where she transformed the syllabus of a rural school for HIV positive children), and qualifications as a teacher in TEFL and Yoga (not simultaneously). After graduation she took a law conversion and then, to develop her communications skills, taught English in Rio de Janeiro whilst writing for an NGO.  She learned about environmentally- responsible entrepreneurship helping to set up a sustainable tourism project in Argentina.  On the UK Civil Service Graduate “Fast-Stream” she became her Directorate’s consultant on driving digital change, and established a cross fast-stream learning and development network. Nyasha is particularly interested in education, engagement and employment issues for young adults. The MPP will provide a challenging cross-disciplinary environment in which to explore how to develop better, evidence based policy and change without creating complex, expensive bureaucracies.  She hopes to work either in government or the not-for-profit sector, improving the future for young people through better policy making.

amy-woolfson-1Amy Woolfson 29

Harvard Law School LLM

Amy grew up in Hereford and went to a local comprehensive school, followed by Hereford Sixth Form College.  She then worked in a series of sales and administrative jobs.  In 2009, at the age of 22, she enrolled in a part-time law course with the Open University.  Studying law sparked an interest in politics and she began to volunteer for her local Conservative Association.  This led to her working for a Conservative MP as a constituency caseworker and later as a Parliamentary Assistant, alongside her studies.  In 2013, Amy graduated from the Open University with a first class law degree.  She has considerable mooting experience having been on the winning Open University team in the 2013 Lexis Nexis Welsh National Mooting competition and the 2015 UK Environmental Law Association junior moot.  She writes a blog – – which uses case law to introduce people to the geography and history of London, and has written a paper on education policy as the Society of Conservative Lawyers’ Lyell Scholar.  Amy has represented three clients in the employment tribunal as a volunteer at the Free Representation Unit and hopes to continue this voluntary work when she returns to the UK.  Amy welcomes the opportunity to deepen her understanding of international, constitutional and public law at Harvard, to hone her analytical skills before training as a barrister.

Zena-AghaZena Agha 22

哈佛大学GSAS AM区域研究-中东

Zena Agha是华威大学历史和政治专业的毕业班学生。16岁时,她被选为她所在地区的青年议会副议员,17岁时是 "黑人投票行动 "的议员影子计划中最年轻的成员,在斯劳议员菲奥娜-麦克塔格特阁下的指导下工作。 在大学里,泽娜把注意力转移到写作口语诗歌上。她是华威大学最大的诗歌团体Shoot from the Lip的创始人和协调人,该团体为全国各地的年轻人举办诗歌比赛和研讨会。2013年,泽娜与 "黑人投票行动 "合作,制作并导演了一系列名为 "诗歌的力量 "的口语短片和采访。身份是她写作的压倒性主题。泽娜曾在《经济学人》做自由职业,并在《独立报》上发表过文章,其他媒体作品包括BBC阿拉伯语、BBC苏格兰、今日俄罗斯和BBC世界服务。 她有伊拉克-巴勒斯坦血统,对中东、其散居地及其与西方的关系非常着迷。在巴黎政治学院学习国际关系后,她在国外的一年里,在伊拉克驻法国大使馆担任翻译,并在联合国教科文组织的巴勒斯坦代表团实习。除了在 "圣城 "报社工作外,泽娜还是网站Infita7(阿拉伯语为 "开放")的联合创始人,该网站通过各种视角用英语、阿拉伯语和法语探索中东的复杂问题。Zena寻求保护和培养对阿拉伯身份和散居地生活的认识,她欢迎哈佛AM的广泛性。



全球公共卫生一直是伊丽莎白培训的主题,同时她对数据改变政策的力量也很感兴趣。 她希望促进围绕全球健康、卫生系统和获得医疗服务的不平等问题的讨论,在卡迪夫大学完成她的医学学位时,她成立了Medsin-Cardff。 她在伦敦帝国学院学习了全球健康的插班学士学位,在乌干达进行了关于卡介苗的非特异性免疫效应的论文研究,并学习了建立长期能力和解决当地健康挑战的全球伙伴关系的价值。 她还曾是世界医生伦敦诊所的支持人员,为无法获得医疗保健的弱势移民辩护。 她共同主持了2012年欧洲世界卫生大会,来自50个国家的200名学生撰写了一份关于生殖健康的决议。伊丽莎白制作了一部短片,记录了这次活动,并分享了最后的总结,由《柳叶刀》杂志发表。 在获得学术基金会的职位后,伊丽莎白在纽汉姆工作了一年,遇到了高失业率、儿童贫困和过度拥挤的生活所带来的健康问题。 在纽汉姆,她实施了IHI的 "问一个问题 "计划,鼓励医学生向病人询问能改善他们住院条件的一件事。 她是LSHTM的访问研究员,协调一个国际项目,为在已发表的研究中报告新生儿感染数据编写新的指南。在印度、乌干达和尼泊尔以及英国的工作激起了伊丽莎白改善实地数据收集和使用的愿望,无论是用于研究、医疗保健提供还是宣传。 因此,她欢迎从哈佛大学公共卫生硕士的定量集中课程中获得的坚实基础。

乔纳森-克拉克乔纳森-克拉克博士 28


乔纳森是家族中第一个上大学的人,他对人口健康和流行病学方法有着长期的兴趣。 作为剑桥大学伊曼纽尔学院的医学生,他与剑桥大学公共卫生研究所一起研究了健康数据在跟踪公平获得新的癌症治疗方面的作用;后来,作为伦敦帝国学院的学术基金医生,他调查了肠癌筛查计划在人口层面的效率。 他还参与了国家医疗数据记录和利用的国家标准的建立工作。 这使得他成为2013年国际会议上唯一被选为小组发言人的初级医生。 目前,他是普通外科的学术临床研究员,特别是研究癌症患者诊断前的护理,并寻求了解导致诊断延迟的因素。 通过他的工作,乔纳森试图了解如何利用日常收集的医疗数据在国家层面上提高外科和癌症护理的质量和效率。乔纳森是一位积极和热情的临床教师。 他已经发表了许多同行评议的文章,并在国内和国际上发表了他的工作。他很高兴有机会了解美国是如何克服人口健康挑战的,并将这一观点纳入他回到帝国后将开始的博士研究中。

Hester-van-HensbergenHester van Hensbergen 21


海丝特一直在剑桥大学国王学院学习历史,她的专业是政治思想史。 她不确定是要从事学术工作还是外交工作,并欢迎作为特别学生的一年所提供的广泛性。特别是,她希望探索并整合她在思想史和当代中东政治方面的两个兴趣,并认识到美国在这两个方面的关键影响。 她第一次去埃及是在2012年塞得港足球大屠杀之后,当时她在西班牙大使馆的援助部门工作。她工作的非政府组织对女性赋权的关注激发了她对埃及政治生活更广泛的兴趣,她于2013年再次回到开罗,跟随卫报记者帕特里克-金斯利。海丝特渴望在哈佛进一步学习阿拉伯语,同时发展社会科学院系提供的批判性语言。

Rachel-JonesRachel Jones 26


Rachel在哈佛攻读法学硕士有三个目的:拓宽她在法律和其他学科(尤其是哲学、科学和历史)方面的知识,让自己沉浸在既陌生又熟悉的法律文化中,并为她未来的职业生涯做好准备。 在牛津大学巴利奥尔学院以第一名的成绩毕业后,雷切尔在伦敦经济学院攻读法学硕士,特别是研究人权,以补充她的公法和国际法知识。 在这里,她获得了她所在年级的第一名。 她接受过大律师培训,目前在英国最高法院担任里德和卡文斯勋爵的研究员,担任司法助理,她发现经常需要与其他普通法体系进行比较。 这加深了她进一步攻读法学硕士的愿望,以便了解美国的法律理论和文化的更多细节。

Ben_Leibowitz_2Ben Leibowitz 22

哈佛大学GSAS AM区域研究-中东

在剑桥大学西德尼-苏塞克斯学院完成他的历史本科学位后,本越来越多地被吸引到现代中东的政治和思想史研究中。凭借英国和欧洲历史的背景,本对 "西方 "对阿拉伯世界的看法以及与阿拉伯世界的互动特别感兴趣,最近的研究项目包括对维多利亚时代英国和奥斯曼帝国之间关系的研究,以及正在进行的探索1967年阿以冲突后阿拉伯-美国知识分子动员的工作。他对中东的参与是学术上的阴谋和深刻的个人和政治激情的交汇。在以色列的Kibbutz Lotan生活了几个月后,本回来后越来越多地参与到英裔犹太人社区中--作为青年领袖和支持和平的慈善机构Yachad的学生主任,最近担任相关 "绿线标志 "运动的共同创始人和发言人。本对学习阿拉伯语感到非常兴奋;成为哈佛大学中东研究中心这样一个充满活力和生机的部门的一员;并在波士顿生活,他希望在那里追求并进一步培养他对网球、旅行、民间音乐和美食的热爱。

汤姆-奥布莱恩Tom O'Bryan 24


汤姆有一个愿景,那就是改变冲突地区的政策制定,赋予当地企业家权力,催化可持续的当地产业。他最近在刚果民主共和国进行了为期两年的部署,并在那里担任好莱坞演员和导演本-阿弗莱克的非营利组织 "东刚果倡议 "的顾问。此前,汤姆曾在革命后的突尼斯担任经济政策顾问,后来又分析了联合国在西撒哈拉的人权监测问题。他曾在华盛顿特区从事过一年的美国政治工作,在自由民主党伦敦总部的外交政策部门工作过,并为CNN、BBC、《卫报》和《独立报》分析过冲突解决的问题。他在埃克塞特大学获得了国际关系一级荣誉学位和学院院长表彰,曾在中国和印度留学,并获得英国议会大厦和英国商业、创新和技能部的奖学金。汤姆是国际研究协会的初级研究员,帕尔格雷夫-麦克米伦出版社出版了他的书的章节,比较了西方对中东人民起义的反应。汤姆在巴斯长大,是阿森纳足球俱乐部的终身支持者,并能说一口流利的法语。

Nyasha-Weinberg-2Nyasha Weinberg 25岁


妮莎在牛津大学圣约翰学院读人文科学,以年级第一的成绩毕业。她学会了合格的孟加拉语(在加尔各答的空档期,她改变了一所为HIV阳性儿童开设的农村学校的教学大纲),以及TEFL和瑜伽的教师资格(不是同时)。毕业后,她选择了法律专业,然后为了发展她的沟通能力,在里约热内卢教英语,同时为一个非政府组织写作。 她学习了对环境负责的创业精神,帮助在阿根廷建立了一个可持续的旅游项目。 在英国公务员的毕业生 "快速流 "中,她成为她所在部门的顾问,负责推动数字变革,并建立了一个跨快速流的学习和发展网络。Nyasha对年轻人的教育、参与和就业问题特别感兴趣。MPP将提供一个具有挑战性的跨学科环境,以探索如何在不创建复杂、昂贵的官僚机构的情况下制定更好的、基于证据的政策和变革。 她希望能在政府或非营利部门工作,通过更好的政策制定来改善年轻人的未来。

amy-woolfson-1Amy Woolfson 29岁


艾米在赫里福德长大,在当地的一所综合学校上学,随后进入了赫里福德六年制学院。 之后,她从事了一系列的销售和行政工作。 2009年,在22岁的时候,她报名参加了开放大学的兼职法律课程。 学习法律激发了她对政治的兴趣,她开始为她当地的保守党协会做志愿者。 这使她在学习之余,还为保守党议员担任选区个案工作,后来又担任议会助理。 2013年,艾米从开放大学毕业,获得了一级法律学位。 她在2013年Lexis Nexis威尔士全国模拟辩论赛和2015年英国环境法协会初级模拟辩论赛中,是开放大学团队的获胜者,拥有相当丰富的模拟辩论经验。 她写了一个博客,利用案例法向人们介绍伦敦的地理和历史,并作为保守派律师协会的莱尔学者撰写了一篇关于教育政策的论文。 艾米作为自由代表单位的志愿者,已经在就业法庭上代表了三名客户,并希望在回国后继续这项志愿工作。 艾米欢迎有机会在哈佛大学加深对国际法、宪法和公法的理解,在接受大律师培训之前磨练自己的分析能力。
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