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The Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science
The Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science recognizes superior books by scientists written to illuminate aspects of science for a broad readership. First offered in 1959, the award encourages literate and scholarly interpretations of the physical and biological sciences and mathematics. To be eligible, biographies of scientists should include substantial critical emphasis on their scientific research.


Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science Winners
2021: The Sirens of Mars: Searching for Life on Another World by Sarah Stewart Johnson (Crown)
2020: Archaeology From Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past by Sarah Parck (Henry Holt and Co.)
2019: Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth by Adam Frank (W.W. Norton & Co.)
2018: Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst by Robert Sapolsky (Penguin Press)
2017: The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee (Scribner)
2016: The Triumph of Seeds: How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, & Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History by Thor Hanson (Basic Books)
2015: Animal Weapons: The Evolution of Battle by Douglas J. Emlen (Henry Holt & Co.)
2014: Einstein and the Quantum: The Quest of the Valiant Swabian by A. Douglas Stone (Princeton University Press)
2013: The Signal and The Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - But Some Don't by Nate Silver (The Penguin Press)
2012: The Fate of Greenland: Lessons from Abrupt Climate Change by Philip Conkling, Richard Alley, Wallace Broecker and George Denton (The MIT Press)
2011: Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st by Burton Ritcher (Cambridge University Press)
2010: Complexity: A Guided Tour by Melanie Mitchell (Oxford University Press)
2009: The Art and Politics of Science by Harold Varmus (W.W. Norton and Company)
2008: Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body by Neil Shubin (Pantheon Books)
2007: The Making of the Fittest by Sean B. Carroll (W.W. Norton and Company)
2006: Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum: How Humans Control of Climate by William F. Ruddiman (Princeton University Press)
2005: The Hunt for the Dawn Monkey: Unearthing the Origins Monkeys, Apes and Humans by Chris Beard (University of California Press)
2004: Issac Newton by James Gleick (Pantheon Books)
2003: Life on a Young Planet: The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth by Andrew H. Knoll (Princeton University Press)
2002: A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution & Abrupt Climate Change by William H. Calvin (The University of Chicago Press)
2001: The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future by Richard B. Alley (Princeton University Press)
2000: Cradle of Life: The Discovery of the Earth's Earliest Fossils by J. William Schopf (Princeton University Press)
1999: The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene (W. W. Norton & Company)
1998: Taking Wing: Archaeopteryx & The Evolution of Bird Flight by Pat Shipman (Simon & Schuester)
1997: Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond (Norton)
1996: Where Does the Weirdness Go? Why Quantum Mechanics Is Strange, But Not as Strange as You Think, and Steel by David Lindley (Basic Books)
1995: Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration by Edward O. Wilson and Bert Holldobler (Harvard University Press)
1994:  Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy by Kip S.Thorne (Norton)
1993:  Living Within Limits: Ecology, Economics, and Population Taboos by Garrett Hardin (Oxford University Press)
1992: One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and the Genesis of Modern Evolutionary Thought by Ernst Mayr (Harvard University Press)
1991:  Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte (Graphics Press)
1990: Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History by Stephen Jay Gould (Norton)
1989: The How And The Why: An Essay on the Origins and Development of Physical Theory by David Park (Princeton University Press)
1988: Infinite in All Directions by Freeman Dyson (Harper & Row)
1987: Chemicals and Society: A Guide to the New Chemical Age by Hugh D. Crone (Cambridge University Press)
1986: The Mystery of Comets by Fred L. Whipple (Smithsonian Institution Press)
1985: The Scientific Reinterpretation of Form by Norma E. Emerton (Cornell University Press)
1984: Frozen Star: Of Pulsars, Black Holes and the Fate of Stars by George Greenstein (Freundlich Books)
1983: Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes: Further Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould (Norton)
1982: Emerging Cosmology by Sir Bernard Lovell (Columbia University Press)
1981: Cosmic Dawn: The Origins of Matter and Life  by Eric Chaisson (Atlantic-Little, Brown)
1980: The Image of Eternity: Roots of Time in the Physical World by David A. Park (University of Massachusetts Press)
1979: Ice Ages: Solving the Mystery by John Imbrie and Katherine Palmer Imbrie (Enslow Publishers)
1978: Mechanics of the Mind by Colin Blakemore (Cambridge University Press)
1977: The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space by Gerard K. O’Neill (William Morrow)
1976: Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay by William W. Warner (Atlantic-Little, Brown)
1975: The Healing Hand: Man and Wound in the Ancient World by Guido Majno (Harvard University Press)
1974: Darwin on Man by Howard E. Gruber and Paul H. Barrett (Harvard University Press)
1973: The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann by Herman H. Goldstine (Princeton University Press)
1972: The Closing Circle: Nature, Man and Technology by Barry Commoner (Knopf)
1971:  Vitamin C and the Common Cold by Linus Pauling (W. H. Freeman)
1970: The Life and Death of a Salt Marsh  by John and Mildred Teal (Atlantic-Little, Brown)
1969: Antibodies and Immunity by G. J. V. Nossal (Basic Books)
1968: Great Waters by Sir Alister Hardy (Harper & Row)
1967: Modern Genetics by Haig P. Papazian (W. W. Norton)
1966: Man Adapting by Rene Dubos (Yale University Press)
1965: Bird Migration by Donald R. Griffin (Anchor Science Study Series)
1964: The Origin of Adaptations by Verne Grant (Columbia University Press)
1963: The Unseen World by Rene Dubos (The Rockefeller Institute Press association with the Oxford University Press)
1962: The World of Ice by James L. Dyson (Knopf)
1961: Communication Among Social Bees by Martin Lindauer (Harvard University Press)

Phi Beta Kappa科学奖获奖者
2021: 火星的海妖。莎拉-斯图尔特-约翰逊的《寻找另一个世界的生命》(Crown)。
2020: 来自太空的考古学。莎拉-帕尔克的《未来如何塑造我们的过去》(Henry Holt and Co.)
2019年:《星星之光》。外星世界与地球的命运》,亚当-弗兰克(W.W. Norton & Co.)
2018: 行为。罗伯特-萨波尔斯基(Robert Sapolsky)的《人类最好和最坏的生物学》(企鹅出版社)。
2017: 基因:一部亲密的历史,作者是西达塔-穆克吉(Scribner)。
2016: The Triumph of Seeds: 托尔-汉森(Thor Hanson)的《谷物、坚果、果核、豆类和果实如何征服植物王国并塑造人类历史》(Basic Books)。
2015: 动物武器。Douglas J. Emlen的《战斗的进化》(Henry Holt & Co.)
2014: 爱因斯坦与量子。道格拉斯-斯通(A. Douglas Stone)的《勇敢的斯瓦比亚人的探索》(普林斯顿大学出版社)。
2013: 信号与噪音。为什么这么多预测都失败了--但有些预测没有失败,作者是内特-西尔弗(企鹅出版社)。
2012: 格陵兰岛的命运。菲利普-康克林、理查德-艾利、华莱士-布罗克和乔治-丹顿的《格陵兰岛的命运:从突然的气候变化中得到的教训》(麻省理工学院出版社)。
2011: 超越烟雾和镜面。气候变化和21世纪的能源》,伯顿-里彻(剑桥大学出版社)。
2010: 复杂性。梅兰妮-米切尔的《导览》(牛津大学出版社)。
2009: Harold Varmus的《科学的艺术与政治》(W.W. Norton and Company)。
2008: 你内心的鱼。尼尔-舒宾的《人体35亿年历史之旅》(Pantheon Books)。
2007: 肖恩-B-卡罗尔(Sean B. Carroll)的《适者生存》(W.W. Norton and Company)。
2006: 犁、瘟疫和石油:人类如何控制气候》,威廉-F-鲁迪曼(普林斯顿大学出版社)。
2005: 猎杀黎明之猴》。克里斯-比尔德(Chris Beard)的《寻找黎明之猴:揭示猴子、猿人和人类的起源》(加利福尼亚大学出版社)。
2004: 詹姆斯-格里克的《伊萨克-牛顿》(Pantheon Books)。
2003: 一个年轻星球上的生命。安德鲁-H-诺尔的《地球进化的前30亿年》(普林斯顿大学出版社)。
2002: 一个四季如春的大脑。威廉-H-卡尔文的《人类进化与突发性气候变化》(芝加哥大学出版社)。
2001年:《两英里的时间机器》。冰芯、突然的气候变化和我们的未来》,作者Richard B. Alley(普林斯顿大学出版社)。
2000: 生命的摇篮。J.威廉-肖普夫的《地球最早化石的发现》(普林斯顿大学出版社)
1999: 优雅的宇宙。布莱恩-格林(Brian Greene)的《超弦、隐藏维度和对终极理论的探索》(W. W. Norton & Company)。
1998: 展翅高飞。帕特-希普曼(Pat Shipman)的《古翼鸟和鸟类飞行的进化》(西蒙和舒斯特出版社)。
1997年:《枪炮、病菌和钢铁》(Jared Diamond)(诺顿出版社)。
1996: 怪异的地方在哪里?为什么量子力学很奇怪,但没有你想象的那么奇怪,以及大卫-林德利的《钢铁》(基础书)。
1995: 蚂蚁之旅。科学探索的故事》,爱德华-O-威尔逊和伯特-霍尔多布勒(哈佛大学出版社)。
1993:  在极限内生活。生态学、经济学和人口禁忌》,加勒特-哈丁(牛津大学出版社)。
1992: 一场漫长的争论。查尔斯-达尔文和现代进化思想的起源》,恩斯特-迈尔著(哈佛大学出版社)。
1990: 精彩的生活。斯蒂芬-杰-古尔德(Stephen Jay Gould)的《布尔吉斯页岩和历史的本质》(诺顿出版社)。
1988年:弗里曼-戴森(Freeman Dyson)的《无限的方向》(Harper & Row)。
1987: 化学品和社会。休-D-克伦的《新化学时代指南》(剑桥大学出版社)。
1986: 弗雷德-L-惠普尔的《彗星之谜》(史密森学会出版社)。
1985: 诺玛-埃默顿(Norma E. Emerton)的《形式的科学再解释》(康奈尔大学出版社)。
1984: 冰冻星。脉冲星、黑洞和恒星的命运》,作者乔治-格林斯坦(Freundlich Books)。
1982: 伯纳德-洛弗尔爵士的《新兴宇宙学》(哥伦比亚大学出版社)。
1981: 宇宙的黎明:物质和生命的起源》,作者埃里克-柴森(大西洋-小布朗)。
1980: 永恒的形象。大卫-A-帕克的《物理世界中的时间根源》(马萨诸塞大学出版社)
1978: 科林-布莱克摩尔的《心灵力学》(剑桥大学出版社)。
1976: 美丽的游泳者。威廉-W-华纳的《水手、螃蟹和切萨皮克湾》(Atlantic-Little, Brown)。
1975: 愈合的手。古代世界的人与伤口》,吉多-马伊诺著(哈佛大学出版社)。
1974: 霍华德-E-格鲁伯和保罗-H-巴雷特的《达尔文论人》(哈佛大学出版社)。
1973: 从帕斯卡尔到冯-诺伊曼的计算机》,赫尔曼-H-戈德斯坦著(普林斯顿大学出版社)
1972: 封闭的圈子。自然、人类和技术》,作者是巴里-康默(Knopf)。
1971:  维生素C和普通感冒》,作者莱纳斯-鲍林(W. H. Freeman)。
1970: 约翰和米尔德里德-提尔的《盐沼的生与死》(大西洋-小布朗出版社)。
1969: G.J.V.Nossal的《抗体和免疫力》(基础书)。
1968: 阿利斯特-哈迪爵士的《大水》(Harper & Row)。
1967: 海格-P-帕帕齐安的《现代遗传学》(W-W-诺顿出版社)。
1966: Rene Dubos的《人类适应》(耶鲁大学出版社)
1965: 唐纳德-R-格里芬的《鸟类迁徙》(Anchor Science Study Series)
1964: 维恩-格兰特的《适应的起源》(哥伦比亚大学出版社)。
1963: Rene Dubos的《看不见的世界》(洛克菲勒研究所出版社与牛津大学出版社联合出版)。
1962: 詹姆斯-L-戴森的《冰的世界》(Knopf)。
1961: 马丁-林道尔(Martin Lindauer)的《社会蜜蜂之间的交流》(哈佛大学出版社)。
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