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【2015.10.31】Bunkers, banquets and bribes 沙坑,宴会和贿赂

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Bunkers, banquets and bribes

Why banning golf won’t curb corruption

Oct 31st 2015 | BEIJING | From the print edition

GOLF clubs are places where powerful men in hideousclothes hatch shady deals. So China’s Communist Party has banned its 88m members from playing the game.The order was made public on October 21st after approval by the party’s Central Committeeand endorsement by Wang Qishan, the hatchet man for President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruptioncampaign. Its aim is to “upholdthe principle that Party discipline is stricter than the law”—that is, to show that party members areselfless sorts who would rather sit through a four-hour meeting about raisingcrop yields than do anything bourgeois or fun. The new rules also bar partymembers from “excessive eating anddrinking” and“improper sexualrelationships”.


Golf and graft have gone together in modern China like tartan trousers and dull anecdotes. Mao Zedong is said to have denouncedit as a “sport for millionaires”.But since his death, the wealthy and powerful have fallen in love with it. Inthe 1990s the construction of new courses boomed. It was banned in the early2000s, but many developers simply relabelled their projects “nature resorts”. Peasants whose paddy fields were bulldozed to make way forfairways often had no choice and were inadequately compensated.


Nonetheless, some say the party’s war on golf misses the point as woefully as a weekend hacker might miss a three-foot putt. If youare looking for a club in China where powerful people meet behind closed doorsto carve up the country, the most obvious one is full of cadres, not caddies.Officials are not corrupt because they play golf; they can afford to play golfbecause they are corrupt. Banning the symptoms of graft is no substitute foraddressing its root causes, any more than an anti-slice driver can fix yourfaulty golf swing.  


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hatchet man  
n informal
1) a person carrying out unpleasant assignments for an employer or superior
Collins English Dictionary
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hatchet man  
n informal
1) a person carrying out unpleasant assignments for an employer or superior ...

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tartan trousers and dull anecdotes - 这个我不理解意思
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